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Mrs. Bennett’s Basic Table Manners

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Mrs. Bennett’s Basic Table Manners

1. Napkin in the lap.

2. Drink from the glass or glasses to the right over the knife.

3. Your bread and butter plate and salad plate is to the left over the fork. (The memory trick for this is “BMW”: Bread, Meal, Water.)

4. No talking with your mouth full.

5. Try very hard not to spill your food on the table and up the front of your shirt, especially on your tie.

6. Wait to eat until the lady of the house is seated and has raised her fork.

7. Also wait especially at significant meals for a prayer of blessing for the food.

8. Do not blow your nose at the table.

9. Do not place the wine bottle on the floor by your chair.

10. Do not punctuate your sentences in anyway with your silverware.

11. Always, always personally thank the hostess and tell her the food was delicious.
This is especially important if you have left enough food on the floor under your chair for the family dog’s next meal.

12. If you want your mother to go to her grave with a peaceful heart, offer to clear the table, take out the garbage, and always, ALWAYS, follow up with a handwritten Thank You note (not email) within 3 days. I have on file all handwritten notes from youngsters – the file is thin!

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