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Latin Tuesday

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Today’s Latin Tuesday lessons courtesy of Ken from Conshohocken, PA and Lt. Col. White from Virginia:


Troia erat.

“Troy was.”

Aeneas has fled Troy as the Greeks enter. He sees his servant and asks, “How is Troy?” The servant responds, “Trojian Erat.”

In foreign affairs sometimes simply clarity is required. As Ken Adelman said discussing Pres. Reagan at Reykjavik, Reagan had a strategy to end the cold war: We win; they lose. Simply clarity. Ceasefires do not end wars. Victory does.

Lt. Col. White:

“Namque coepere nobilitas dignitatem, populus libertatem in lubidinem vortere, sibi quisque ducere, trahere, rapere. Ita omnia in duas partes abstracta sunt, res publica, quae media fuerat, dilacerata.”

“The patricians carried their authority, and the people their liberty, to excess; every man took, snatched, and seized what he could. There was a complete division into two factions, and the republic was torn in pieces between them.”

The Latin quote comes from Sallust and describes domestic politics after the destruction of Carthage. This situation bears some alarming similarities to the post-Cold War US.

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