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Latin Tuesday

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Today’s Latin Tuesday lesson via David Wilezol concerning the origin and nature of the Crusades:

Balderic of Dol’s account of Pope Urban II’s Speech at Clermont, 1095:

Audivimus et audivistis, carissimi, quod non possumus meminisse sine lacrimis: dolore multo supplicoque fratres Christianes, membros Christos, Hierosolimae et Antiochae et ceteris urbibus orientalibus, flagellatos, oppressos, vulneratos esse. 

“We have heard, most beloved brethren, and you have heard what we cannot recount without tears how, with great hurt and dire sufferings our Christian brothers, members in Christ, are scourged, oppressed, and injured in Jerusalem, in Antioch, and the other cities of the East.”

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