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Latin Tuesday

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This week’s Latin Tuesday lesson from our Latinist David Wilezol. In regards to the situation in Ferguson, just as the sea-god Neptune calms the waters, so a man of virtue and service can hold calm the passions of a mob.


Virgil, Aeneid, Book 1.1.148-153:

“Ac veluti magno in populo cum saepe coorta est

seditio, saevitque animis ignobile volgus,

iamque faces et saxa volant—furor arma ministrat;

tum, pietate gravem ac meritis si forte virum quem

conspexere, silent, arrectisque auribus adstant;

ille regit dictis animos, et pectora mulcet.”


“As often, when rebellion breaks out in a great nation,

and the common people rage with passion, and soon stones

and fiery torches fly (frenzy supplies weapons),

if they then see a man of great virtue, and weighty service,

they are silent, and stand there listening attentively:

he sways their passions with his words and soothes their hearts.”



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