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The Bill Bennett Interview With Sen. Mike Wilson – Part 2

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“He told me when I got elected, he said, ‘Mike, you’re going to find that the biggest obstacle when you’re looking at education reform is going to be the teachers’ union.’ And it’s proven to be true because they claim to be for the kids but we find they’re really not.”

One of the primary obstacles to serious education reform for the past several decades has been the teachers’ unions. Sen. Wilson is the state senator for Kentucky’s 32nd district, chair of the state’s education committee, and a member of Conservative Leaders for Education. In this segment, he discusses how he’s seen firsthand how the unions have stymied reform of teacher tenure, for example, and made it virtually impossible to fire bad teachers. Sen. Wilson also discusses the importance of technical education in a state like Kentucky with its large automotive industry. Did you know that the average wage at an automotive assembly plant in Kentucky is roughly $58,000 a year? That’s a great salary for entry level workers and kids right out of school. Sen. Wilson explains why teachers and districts need the flexibility to incorporate more technical education into their curriculums and schools in order to help students secure those type of jobs.

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