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The Bill Bennett Interview With Sen. Luther Olsen – Part 2

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“I think it’s very important that we have a set of standards that states adopt and we teach to those standards. Because if we all agree that this is what boys and girls need to know and be able to do and if it’s the right thing, which I think it is, our kids are going to be in a much better place and, honestly, when they go and move from district to district they’re not going to have to take the same subject two years in a row or miss it out completely.”

Sen. Luther Olsen is a state senator for Wisconsin’s 14th District, chair of the state’s education committee, and member of Conservative Leaders for Education. In the second part of our interview, we hone in on the four pillars of the Conservative Leaders for Education agenda: local control, choice, accountability, and content. Sen. Olsen explains why each pillar is crucial to the success of our students and schools. He illustrates why local control is vital to sound education policy but why it must be balanced with demanding standards and rigorous content. He discusses how choice is transforming educational opportunities, particularly for low-income students, but how it must also be balanced with honest and transparent accountability so that all schools are held to the same standards. Sen. Olsen gives a great primer on the essential areas of education reform our country needs.

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