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The Bill Bennett Interview with Sen. Howard Stephenson – Part 2

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“We have this four-year-old program which has created greater consistent and lasting gains in student learning than anything in the history of American education. I’ve challenged academic researchers to find me anything where the low-income, the minority, and the immigrant kids four years after a program are scoring 15 points higher than their peers.”

When the internet and computers were introduced to classrooms about 20 years ago, most people believed there would be a revolution in education. They thought that student learning would improve by leaps and bounds. In many cases, access to learning via the internet and computers greatly increased, but we still haven’t seen consistent improvements in test scores due to technology. There have been a few bright spots, however, and Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson is responsible for one of those very bright spots. In Utah, he’s helped pioneer the development and implementation of content-rich technology that ensures student engagement and guides them step-by-step in learning. As a result, the students who have used his technology have reported remarkable gains. In this segment, Sen. Stephenson explains how the technology works and how we can implement it in schools across the country.

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