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The Bill Bennett Interview with Sen. Howard Stephenson – Part 1

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“These trends and fads come and go but the basis for all future learning is learning academic skills and content knowledge.”

Content knowledge is the bedrock of learning, and yet, there are many modern educators who believe that content isn’t all that important and that students should learn how to learn, rather than learning actual content. In my new interview with Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson, he explains why content knowledge is crucial to all forms of learning and why without it students won’t learn how to properly acquire knowledge and skills.

While Sen. Stephenson rejects the undisciplined, laissez-faire approach to learning, he explains why emphasizing content knowledge doesn’t mean that students must be forced into a one-size-fits-all learning environment. Rather, Sen. Stephenson reveals how Utah has made incredible gains using adaptive software technology that allows students to be autonomous learners and pursue their individual interests while still learning actual content and skills. Sen. Stephenson has been a pioneer in combining high-quality, demanding content with cutting edge technology to produce tremendous results. We can learn a lot from his leadership in these areas.

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