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The Bill Bennett Interview with Rep. Paul Boyer – Part 1

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“I teach at a school where we offer a classical education and….we have to have a lottery system because we have 13,000 students on our wait list…And so what we do obviously works. Parents recognize that and they want to send their students to our schools and I don’t think that we should limit a student just based on zip code.”

Paul Boyer is a state representative for Arizona’s 20th district and Chairman of the state’s House Education Committee. He’s also a member of Conservative Leaders for Education and teaches 10th Grade Humane Letters part-time at Veritas Preparatory Academy. In part one of our new interview, Rep. Boyer explains why conservatives cannot focus their attention solely on private and charter schools and neglect public schools. Conservatives must be the champions of good public education as well. Rep. Boyer argues that one way to improve public education is through the competition that school choice brings. Arizona has been a champion of the school choice movement and it’s allowed students from up to 40 or 50 miles away to attend great schools like Veritas Preparatory Academy. At the same time, public schools have improved because they are aware of the marketplace competition and the need to raise student performance and learning.

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