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The Bill Bennett Interview with Rep. Amanda Price – Part 1

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“I think every one of our schools have school improvement plans and yet on the NAEP [National Assessment of Educational Progress] national data we’re ranked around 40th. So if every school every year is doing a school improvement plan why isn’t that all adding up to better performance for where we need to go?”

One of the most important aspects of education is accountability – making sure teachers, administrators, and schools are on the hook for high standards and performance and transparent results. Without accountability, high standards and good tests are insufficient. Parents must receive honest, transparent feedback of their child’s performance and in ways that are easy to understand and can be compared school to school, district to district, and state to state. In this new segment on the state of American education, Rep. Amanda Price, state representative for Michigan’s 89th district, chair of Michigan’s House Education Committee, and a member of Conservative Leaders for Education, explains how crucial accountability is to education. She also illustrates how in Michigan student data has been made so complex and complicated that average parents can’t understand how their child is performing and what areas he or she needs assistance with.

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