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The Bill Bennett Interview with Rep. Amanda Price – Part 2

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BILL BENNETT: “We have a new law now: ESSA – the Every Student Succeeds Act. How does that help or how might that help improve accountability?

REP. AMANDA PRICE: “Well, it puts some onus back into the states and the states for a long time have felt that that should be back with them and they will hopefully own it rather than being beholden to the federal government. But the rub comes in, will you hold yourselves accountable as compared to other states and are you as a state going to be comparable to national standards or international standards for improvement.”

Rep. Amanda Price is the state representative for Michigan’s 89th district, chair of Michigan’s House Education Committee, and a member of Conservative Leaders for Education. In the second part of our interview series, we hone in on the issue of accountability in education. With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a large amount of educational authority has moved from the federal government back to the states, which is where it should be. Now states have a great opportunity to craft high quality standards and accountability systems. But they need to seize the day. Rep. Price talks about the importance of accountability and the improvements Michigan is making locally to provide parents with more honest and transparent assessments of how their children are performing.




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