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The Bill Bennett Interview with Charles Koch – Part 14

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“It is possible to change the system if people can get energized and because free people, people who have liberated themselves, are energetic, courageous, innovative, and entrepreneurial and they will change things… We have to encourage people and help people get the vision that they that they can change their lives and then change the system.”

In my newest conversation with Charles Koch, Chairman and CEO of Koch Industries and author of “Good Profit,” Charles shares his optimism for the future of America. He’s most energized and encouraged by people who decide they’re not going to settle for government dependency or wait for government solutions and rise up on their own through education and hard work and develop solutions to the problems facing America. He cites Uber as a great example of positive innovation that’s challenging the status quo. He also mentions how New York City’s mayor attempted to shut Uber down because the taxi cab companies were opposed to it, but so many customers and drivers rose up and created such a ruckus that the mayor had to back down. That’s one example that encourages Charles about the future of America. But he also admits that much more work remains to be done. We must work to liberate more and more Americans through better education and by breaking down barriers to opportunity created by an overreaching government and crony capitalists and allow free people to truly flourish.

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