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Part 1 of the Bill Bennett Interview with Sen. Mike Wilson

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There are “pockets of creativity and innovation taking place all over the state of Kentucky but it’s pockets of it and, generally speaking, they are very limited to what they can do unless they have the approval of the state department of education… The department really rides roughshod over them and I want to get that out of the way and be able to allow parents to be more involved in education as well as the local districts.”

As conservatives, we believe in the principle of subsidiarity in education policy. This means we believe that those closest to the students and classrooms are best equipped to make education policy decisions, not bureaucrats in Washington D.C. Therefore, we desire to empower students, parents, teachers, and local districts with the ability to make good education policy tailored to their needs that incorporates high standards and assessments. In this segment, Sen. Mike Wilson, state senator for Kentucky’s 32nd district, chair of the state’s education committee, and a member of Conservative Leaders for Education, discusses why the concept of subsidiarity and local control is so important in education policy. He explains how eastern Kentucky’s coal country is dramatically different from western Kentucky’s agricultural landscape and how the state needs the flexibility to innovate and provide jobs and skills training for the appropriate regional areas.

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