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Should six indicted Maryland police officers ultimately be acquitted of all felony charges, we’ll see what’s left of Baltimore burn to the ground as Orioles fans dutifully travel out of state for remaining home games.  Say goodbye to the rule of law.

Tea Party activists, overtly guilty of lawful, orderly celebrations of the Founders’ dedication and sacrifice, find themselves labeled “extreme” by the likes of Dick Durbin and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, unapologetic poster children for term limits with too many hyphens.

As vicious beheadings of innocent Christians continue worldwide revealing an increasingly-dangerous world, our pop-culture media obsesses with an NFL quarterback’s deflation of playoff game balls,  manipulating the huddled masses with yet one more fabricated ‘crisis’.

Don’t wait for George Stephanopoulos and Brian Williams to walk the public trust plank for unconscionable violations of media objectivity.  Celebrity far out-trumps character in the entertainment arena that news has become.

Perhaps Jonathan Gruber nailed it when he called Americans “stupid”, most assuredly terminally gullible beyond good reason and critical thinking.

Enter 2016, sporting the most important General Election of our lifetime.  Either the ‘silent majority’ awakens from its self-induced slumber to recapture the stark reality of self-governance, personal accountability and pride in a job well done, or we willingly morph into France and the rest of Europe, pitiful populations of dead-men-walking, complacent sheep easily herded into willful mediocrity and robotic indifference.

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