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Bill's Blog

Help the National Black Church Initiative Here

Yesterday, Bill had a tremendous interview with Rev. Anthony Evans of the National Black Church Initiative about his organization’s choice to stand up for traditional marriage and break ties with the Presbyterian Church USA after it permitted gay marriage. Here’s the website to donate and help the National Black Church Initiative:

Latin Tuesday

Today’s Latin Tuesday lesson courtesy of our resident Latin expert David Wilezol:

Vergil, Georgics 2.490

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas

“Happy is he who has been able to learn the causes of things”

Ed Meese and Ryan Anderson: Religious-liberty protections promote tolerance

As mentioned on the show, Ed Meese and Ryan Anderson write in the Washington Post that religious liberty protections, like the one in Indiana, actually promote tolerance, not discrimination:

Support Memories Pizza in Indiana Here

Donate here to support Memories Pizza in Indiana, which has been forced to close after an onslaught of criticism because it said it wouldn’t cater gay weddings:

Latin Tuesday

Today’s Latin Tuesday post courtesy of David Wilezol:

Seneca, Questiones Naturales, Book VI:

Cum timendi sit causa nescire, non est tanti scire, ne timeas?

“Since the cause of the fear is ignorance, is it not worth while

to gain the knowledge that will dispel it?”

Max Boot’s Latest Commentary Pieces on U.S. Foreign Policy

Max Boot’s terrific columns on U.S. foreign policy, as mentioned on the show this morning:

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Today's Show

Mon, Apr 27, 2015
  • Byron York: Chief Political Correspondent of the Washington Examiner; Fox News Contributor
  • Rep. Paul Ryan: Congressman for Wisconsin's 1st District; Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee
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Media Corner

Part Two of Bill Bennett’s Exclusive Interview Series with Steve Wynn

In part two of the exclusive interview series with Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts, Bill begins by asking Mr. Wynn for some of his personal reflections on his close relationship with Frank Sinatra, given that this year is the 100th anniversary of Sinatra’s birthday. Next, Bill asks Mr. Wynn his thoughts on education reform, the role of government, and how regulation is strangling American enterprise. Bill concludes by asking Mr. Wynn his thoughts on the future of America and what worries him the most about our great nation.


How Scott Noble and Jeff Weak of Your Voice Your Ad Are Transforming the Political Landscape

Scott Noble and Jeff Weak, creators of Your Voice Your Ad, return to announce some exciting news and debut the latest group of great listener-created political ads. Scott and Jeff explain just how dramatically these grassroots ads are changing the political landscape. Your voice is being heard! Go to to submit your own ad and start to engage and change the political future of America.

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