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Bill's Blog

Max Boot’s Latest Commentary Pieces on U.S. Foreign Policy

Max Boot’s terrific columns on U.S. foreign policy, as mentioned on the show this morning:

Ilan Berman on Netanyahu’s Victory and What It Means for U.S. Foreign Policy

Ilan Berman writing on the ramifications of Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory and the Obama administration’s response:

William Galston: Utah Shows the Way on Gay Rights

William Galston writing in the Wall Street Journal about an interesting compromise in Utah on gay rights and freedom of religion and expression:

NFL Tight End Benjamin Watson’s Post on Christianity and Persecution

As mentioned on the program this morning, New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson’s Facebook post on Christianity and persecution:

Latin Tuesday

Today’s Latin Tuesday lesson courtesy of David Wilezol:

From Tertullan, Ad Martyras, 6:

Quot a latronibus ferro, ab hostibus etiam cruce extincti sunt, torti prius, immo et omni contumelia expuncti!

How many, I tell you, have suffered at the hands of enemies death on a cross, after having been tortured first, yes, and treated with every sort of contumely!

*contumely — insulting language or treatment

Steve Hayes Handicaps the 2016 Presidential Race

Steve Hayes dissects the Republican presidential field for 2016:

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Today's Show

Fri, Mar 27, 2015
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Media Corner

Part One of Bill Bennett’s Exclusive Interview Series with Steve Wynn

Bill talks with Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts, as part of a new, exclusive interview series. Mr. Wynn is one of the world’s premier businessmen and an outspoken supporter of capitalism and free markets. In part one of the interview series, Bill and Mr. Wynn discuss the crucial employee – employer relationship and how Mr. Wynn fosters an unparalleled style of service and loyalty at his resorts. He then elaborates on the role of government in our lives and how the American economy works better when government gets out of the way and minimizes its interference with the private sector.


Monday, March 23 Hour 3

Due to technical problems with the Round Table we’re posting each hour of Monday’s show here.

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