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Mrs. Bennett’s Basic Table Manners

Mrs. Bennett’s Basic Table Manners

1. Napkin in the lap.

2. Drink from the glass or glasses to the right over the knife.

3. Your bread and butter plate and salad plate is to the left over the fork. (The memory trick for this is “BMW”: Bread, Meal, Water.)

4. No talking with your mouth full.

5. Try very hard not to spill your food on the table and up the front of your shirt, especially on your tie.

6. Wait to eat until the lady of the house is seated and has raised her fork.

7. Also wait especially at significant meals for a prayer of blessing for the food.

8. Do not blow your nose at the table.

9. Do not place the wine bottle on the floor by your chair.

10. Do not punctuate your sentences in anyway with your silverware.

11. Always, always personally thank the hostess and tell her the food was delicious.
This is especially important if you have left enough food on the floor under your chair for the family dog’s next meal.

12. If you want your mother to go to her grave with a peaceful heart, offer to clear the table, take out the garbage, and always, ALWAYS, follow up with a handwritten Thank You note (not email) within 3 days. I have on file all handwritten notes from youngsters – the file is thin!

KT McFarland’s 10 Point Plan to Defeat ISIS

KT McFarland, Fox News National Security analyst, lays out her 10 point plan to crush ISIS:

Project Hope: Impacting Lives and Saving Children

Children who are orphaned by the death of their parents are vulnerable in so many ways. But a child who is abandoned by a living parent is at even more risk…

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Gordon Chang: The World, Perhaps in the Last Days of Peace

Follow Gordon Chang on Twitter @GordonGChang and on Forbes. And find much more here.

This moment has a pre-war feel.  China and Russia, two aggressive states, are on the march, and the rogue regimes they sponsor, especially Iran and North Korea, now act with impunity.

In the last three years, both Beijing and Moscow seized territory from their neighbors, and Washington’s response has been feeble.  The Pentagon shares blame with the White House for the failure of American resolve.

President Obama does not appear to be up to the challenge, but then again neither was his predecessor, who repeatedly failed in the face of Chinese and Russian assertion.  Failure has been bipartisan and continues to be such.

There are so many hotspots spread across the globe at the moment the risk is that the crises will merge and engulf the world.

On specific issues, there is something to be said for letting our adversaries kill each other in Syria, and Russia can easily find itself in war-without-end there. Yet there is a sense of unease because the United States is no longer the guarantor of peace in the Middle East.  In fact, we are not even guiding outcomes.

In East Asia, the test for Washington will be the freedom of navigation exercises the Navy plans in the Spratly chain.  The White House refused permission in the summer for such operations, but now the administration has relented in light of Beijing’s refusal to adhere to its obligations.  There will be other tests as an arrogant Beijing seeks to eject Washington from the region.

Iran blatantly violated the just-negotiated nuclear deal with the test of a ballistic missile on Sunday.  Tehran bought the technology for the missile from North Korea.  Why did we not stop missile sales, which have taken place for two decades, in the first place?

China cyberattacks the United States, but President Obama apparently will not impose the sanctions the White House discussed a month ago.  The Chinese are cybercriminals, but we have permitted them to rob us blind.  They will stop only when we impose costs greater than the benefits they receive.

The United States has the power to lead as our economy is so much stronger than Russia’s or China’s.  Russia already is deep in recession, and China is fast headed that way.

That means, among other things, that a determined American president can make a difference.  Yet there is no Reagan in sight, in either party.  In America today, there is a sense of malaise, much like the 1970s.  Pessimism now defines our approach to the world.

As a result, Russia and China are largely free to do what they want.  They are taking apart the international system, and the smell of disaster is in the air.

My Column in the Boston Globe on the Heroin Epidemic in America

Many Americans don’t realize that we’re in the midst of a heroin epidemic right now. John Walters, former Drug Czar for Pres. George W. Bush, and I have penned a new op-ed for the Boston Globe on how to combat the heroin epidemic and why the Obama administration’s response has failed:

Support the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative for Religious Freedom and Protection

As mentioned on the program this morning, the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative is dedicated to protecting the millions of people around the world who are subject to religious persecution. Click here to support them:

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